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The North Bergen Municipal Utilities Authority (NBMUA), provides wastewater collection and treatment services as well as solid waste and recycling services in order to protect the public safety, welfare, and health of residents within it’s assigned areas. Read More …

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2014 Calendar Coloring Contest Winner Announced

The Second Annual "Go Green, Save Green" Poster Contest was once again a huge success! Students from across the district participated by sumbitting creative artwork showing how we can all save money by recycling.  With the cooperation of educators in our school district, this annual contest is not only a learning experience for our students, but will help them relate to the many real world benefits of recycling.

A First, Second, and Third Place Winner was voted on by members of the NBMUA for each Grade Category.  Three peices of artrwork were selected from each of the following grade levels: Grade 1-3; Grade 4-6; Grade 7-8; Grade 9-12. Prizes include: winning artrwork featured on one month of the NBMUA Calendar, a pizza party on December 3rd with Mayor Sacco to celebrate the winners, eReaders, and $100 and $50 gift certificates.

This year Catherine Castellon, Grade 7 from John F. Kennedy School is the Grand Prize Winner. Catherine was chosen from the 12 winners who best illustrated the "Go Green, Save Green" concept.  Her winning artwork is featured on the NBMUA 2014 calendars' cover and on the side of a NBMUA recycling truck. In addition, Ms. Castellon was awarded an Apple iPad!

"I'm so proud of all the students who particpated in the NBMUA "Go Green, Save Green" Calendar dcontest! These young artists are helping us spread the word about how recycling saves real money for taxpayers", said Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco.

North Bergen Recycling Initiative

 We all know that recycling has a lot of benefits: it helps protect the environment by taking trash out of landfills and reusing paper, plastic, electronics and more. Recycling encourages people to not litter and keeps North Bergen looking clean. But there’s another huge reason to recycle that you might not know about -- It saves real money and can help lower taxes!

When North Bergen disposes of trash it has to pay dumping fees in order to use landfills and similar facilities. However, when residents recycle the MUA receivesmoney back from private recycling companies. For example, if North Bergen residents were to increase the amount of recycling by just 10%, the MUA would save over half a million dollars! Thus, if more people in North Bergen recycle it will lead directly to the MUA spending less money on dumping and disposal and needing less funding from the township. It all means a lower property tax bill, saving you real money! All we need to do to make it happen is recycle.