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Note: You cannot process your payment without the PIN Number. To be provided with your pin number please call the NBMUA office at (201) 422-0100, press 3 for Billing Department. Your PIN number will be on your next billing statement. Pay Your Bill Online

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The North Bergen Municipal Utilities Authority (NBMUA), provides wastewater collection and treatment services as well as solid waste and recycling services in order to protect the public safety, welfare, and health of residents within it’s assigned areas. Read More …

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Important Notice on Recycling


Paper Recycling

  1. There can be no paper or cardboard in plastic bags. Paper must be tied up in 12 inch bundles, or placed in paper bags, securely or stuffed inside cardboard boxes securely
  2. There can be no Styrofoam in any recycling, Styrofoam goes with your trash, on garbage night
  3. There can be no commingled bottles or cans in with your mixed paper and cardboard!
  4. There can be no garbage in with your paper

Commingled Glass & Plastic Recycling

  1. All commingled, cans and bottles must be placed in recycle barrel. No plastic bags allowed.
  2. There can be no garbage in your commingled plastic cans or bottles

Due to any of the above reasons your recycling will be left behind. Should you have any questions please call the MUA at 201-422-0100. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter..

North Bergen Sanitation & Recycling

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